How to create a PDF document


1.Download CamScanner to your phone.




2. When you open the app, there should be a camera button on the bottom of the screen. Tap that.




3. Right over the camera, there are some choices-- I'm showing you how to make a single page scan here so make sure that's the one selected in green. The "Batch" option will let you scan multiple pages into one file, which is helpful too. For our purposes, it's just as easy (probably easier) if you send multiple files, so if you don't want to experiment with Batch, that's ok-- leave it on single and just repeat this process as needed. Make sure you're in a decently lighted spot and snap a picture.





4. When you take the picture, CamScanner will automatically guess at where the edges of your document are. If it guessed right (as in this picture), cool-- leave it as is. If not, pull each of the circles to the corners or edges of your document. This is neat, because even if you took the pic at a little bit of an angle, the app will straighten it out for you. If your picture is just super wonky and you can't get the edges right, go back and take a new one-- sometimes that's easier. When the document is accurately outlined, tap the check mark in the bottom right corner.



5. On this screen, you can rename your document by tapping on the "new doc..." title at the top.



6. Then click Done.




7. Be sure to select PDF file.




8. You'll have different options on this screen, depending on what systems you're using on your phone.

    Save your pdf file.