Dear Bogazici University Information Systems Users,


Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, affecting the whole world, distance learning is initiated in our University to complete the academic semester. Due to the intensive usage of information systems during this period, we would like to provide you some information related to information security measures.


The usage of all Information Systems involves some security risks. Minimizing these mentioned risks depends on the measurements you will take. We would like to remind you precautions we have taken and the precautions which you will benefit – due to the news recently related to Zoom remote meeting systems’ which is also used in our University. (unauthorized attendance a.k.a. zoom bombing, disclosure of zoom account information)


1. USE THE LATEST VERSION OF ZOOM APPLICATION: To be able to apply the security measurements, please use the latest version. Please ensure that you are using the latest version by checking the instructions written on the following link :


2. USE AN UNIQUE PASSWORD AND DO NOT SHARE YOUR PASSWORD: Please use a password which you do not use within any other application, a unique password for Zoom application. Do not forget, usage of different password for each web application and system will reduce the risk of account theft. You can change your password from the following link.


3. USE A PASSWORD FOR YOUR ZOOM MEETING: Providing a password to the Moodle Application during creation of a Zoom Meeting or creating a private Zoom Meeting with a password will reduce the risk of participation of unauthorized people to your session.

Under the settings of:

New Meeting > Personal Meeting ID > PMI

you can assign a password to your private meeting room. (See the figure above)






From the following link , you can set your zoom meting settings which is related to assigning a password for all your meetings. (See the figure below)


From the following link , you can set your zoom meting settings which is related to assigning a password for all your meetings. (See the figure above)


4. SET A MEETING START TIME: Please, use the settings and activate the features for the participants can not join the meeting before start time and place your participants to a waiting room. By using this features you can control your participants. You can set these settings under the fallowing link:

Or after the meeting has started you can activate these settings under the security tab.

(See figure below.)



5. LOCK THE MEETING TO PREVENT ANYONE NEW FROM JOINING – AFTER ALL YOUR PARTICIPANTS ARE JOINED: After all your participants are joined, please lock your meeting to prevent anyone new from joining.


6. PREVENT PARTICIPANTS FROM SCREEN SHARING: Please activate the setting to prevent participants from screen sharing from security tab. These setting is already set as default for the Zoom meetings initiated from Moodle.


7. USE A RANDOM MEETING ID: Within Zoom Application, every user has been assigned a unique and static Meeting ID number. Please do not use this Meeting ID as much as possible unless required. For your meeting please create a new Zoom Meeting each time. By following this rule, Zoom application will assign random Meeting ID for your each new meetings.


8. PLACE PARTICIPANTS IN WAITING ROOM: Please use a waiting room. Approval of the meeting joins will provide an extra security measurement.


9. DO NOT USE FILE SHARING WITHIN ZOOM APPLICATION: Please use the Moodle for file sharing.


10. REMOVE THE PARTICIPANTS WHICH ACTS IMPROPER:  You can remove the participants, which you are unfamiliar, suspicious or the ones act improper.


11. DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS SEEMS SUSPICIOUS SENT FROM CHAT DIALOG: Please note that suspicious links sent via chat dialog can redirect you to malicious software.


12. USE A CURRENT AND UPDATED ANTIVIRES SOFTWARE: Please use a current antivirus software all the time. Please ensure your antivirus software is active and updated.