Zoom Reservation

The Zoom reservation system has been developed by the BOUN Computer Center for daily and periodic licensed use of the Zoom rooms. When you make a reservation in the system, your e-mail account with boun.edu.tr extension will become licensed for the time intervals you specified.

Please login on https://zoomlicense.boun.edu.tr/login

With your boun.edu.tr account and password. (Your email password)

After login,

  • Choose a date (1), a start time (2) the duration (max 4 hours) (3) and weekly repetion (4), for your course (5) and indicate why you need the license (long session and/or need to record and upload to cloud) (6).
  • You can only reserve licenses for the next 100 days (on a rolling basis).

  • For example, if you need a full license for 4 weeks between 09am – 11am, you should request a reservation that starts at 08:50 am for 2 hours.
  • If we have sufficient licenses for the duration of your request, you will be allocated a Zoom license automatically. Wait for the “Success! Your license request is approved” (7)  message at the top of the window after you submit your reservation. You will also receive an e-mail with the subject “Zoom License Reservation Created” about the result of your reservation.


  • You cannot make two reservations for the same hour. You can cancel your reservation if you make a mistake (8). 
  • You are going to use your own BOUN Zoom account with your own password.
  • Continuing with the example, you will receive another e-mail at 08:50 am with the subject “Zoom License Granted” which indicates that you are granted a license between 08:50-10:50am.
  • This means that your personal basic educational license will be converted to a full educational license for the duration of your reservation.
  • You should start your live session from Moodle after you are granted a full license (after 8:50 am). You will have two hours for your session under a full license. You can record your session and upload to the Panopto cloud directly. You can administer polls. You can end the session and restart if you like. You will be fully licensed during this period.
  • At 10:50 your license will be automatically revoked (to be transferred to another user). At this time, your license type will be basic again and you can continue for another 40 minutes without interruption if you want. We suggest that you stop your recording before your full license expires although it seems that the cloud recording continues even after your license is revoked.
  • If we do not have sufficient number of licenses to grant for the time period of the day of your reservation, your request will be denied and you will have to continue with your basic account. The Reservation is done on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please send any questions you may have to moodle@boun.edu.tr